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Mycology Images book: now in our webshop


​The Mycology Images book by Ton Rijs is now for sale in our webshop.

To assist technicians in recognizing the macroscopic and microscopic morphology we have produced a book that describes the fungi that are most frequently encountered in the clinical microbiology laboratory. This book consists of a number of chapters describing microscopy, Aspergillus and zygomycetes, dermatophytes and common contaminants.

About the autor Ton Rijs

Ton Rijs has worked for > 20 years as technician in diagnostic mycology at the Center of Expertise in Mycology Radboudumc/CWZ, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He was very experienced in the laboratory and also participated in many training courses. Over many years he has collected images from fungi in clinical samples, which were used for the training courses. Using these images he wrote the book over the course of several years, amplifying his excellent knowledge and broad teaching experience. Unfortunately he became ill in 2017 and died, but he witnessed the completion of his book and we are proud to be able to share his knowledge in diagnostic mycology as this is what he desired.